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Environmental benefits

  • Clean area and no rubbish around the bin

  • Waste storage in a sealed form

  • Possibility to pre-sort the litter

  • No complaints by inspection authorities

  • No access for animals and birds

  • Possibility of waste compacting ​​

  • Reducing CO2 emissions

  • Power alternative sources ​

  • Aesthetic appearance

Economic benefits

  • Reducing the stored waste up to 8 times

  • Reducing the costs of transportation up to 19 times

  • Reducing the payroll for drivers up to 19 times

  • No empty runs for waste collection trucks

  • Calculating the exact time of the drivers’ performance​​

  • Minimal service life of 10 years ​​

  • Possibility to place advertising on the bins

  • Separate waste collection ​

  • Possibility of further processing for secondary raw materials


Universities and campuses

Shopping and entertainment centers

Parks, squares, and alleys of the city

Public transport

Government institutions

Transport and connection hubs

Exhibition centers and congress halls

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