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WI-FI module

GPRS modem

Building a route taking into account the road conditions


Solar panel

Management via smartphone

Flexible configuration

Vandal-resistant design

Atmospheric pressure

Air temperature

Easy-to-operate control system

Full control by operator



  • RoHS compliant;

  • Galvanized steel internal and external construction.

Options and accessories:

  • Ashtray;

  • Adapter for connecting to 220 volts;

  • Wi-Fi router;

  • Pasting film;

  • Painting in any RAL color;

  • Advertising panel A2 format.


  • Solar panel;

  • Compactor;

  • Filling sensor;

  • Smoke detector;

  • Temperature, pressure and humidity sensors;

  • LED status indicators on the front panel;

  • Electronic control unit with GSM module;

  • Anti-vandal execution of the case;

  • The mechanism of opening the garbage receptacle "Hands Free";

  • Separate blocking of access for emptying tanks and service.

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The proposed high-tech bin has completely been designed and developed in Russia.  As a result, peculiarities of climate and other conditions under which the equipment will perform have been taken into account. Technical specifications and features make this technology a unique one on the Russian market and offer a number of useful functions for people as well as operating services.

Self-sufficient bins

The Binology bins charge their capacious batteries with solar panels placed at the top of the devices, at any time of the year. The solar panels are covered with vandal-proof plastic shields. The charge is enough for trouble-free operation and fulfillment of all necessary functions embedded in the bin computer. The technology eliminates the hardware connection to the DC power source and promotes the idea of ​​non-alternative energy sources.

Waste compacting

In order to reduce the costs associated with waste collection, the Binology bins have a waste compacting system that allows reducing the disposed waste with the 1:6 to 1:8 ratio. This means that there is no need to collect the air. For cities, that means reducing unnecessary costs for moving waste collection trucks, the drivers’ wages, and vehicle depreciation.

Online control

In order to monitor the waste collection trucks on an on-going basis and to prevent ''empty'' runs, a dispatching service should take an opportunity to control a driver of a waste collection truck, waste collection, and further movement of every driver according to the route.

Avoiding traffic jams when driving a waste collection truck

The system allows a waste collection truck driver to build a proper route taking into account the road conditions at a given time, and thereby reduce time and fuel costs to a minimum, through the app installed on his phone or tablet. 

Bin appearance

The smart bin Binology has a solid construction based on metal sheets and trimmed with beautiful plastic panels designed to place the handouts, including social advertising.  For the city, it is an additional form of advertising revenue, apart from billboards on the streets, and advertising at bus stops.

Additional features

The bin has a built-in atmospheric pressure and external temperature sensors. This information could be useful, for example, for the weather services. In addition, the bin has a useful function of keeping records of people passing by. That kind of information could be useful to calculate attendance statistics for parks, shopping centers, and other objects.

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